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Sunset Ridge

Presented by NakdBasics & Bubble Grove in collaboration:

Spring Foraging
& Wellness Workshops

Embark on a journey of discovery and relaxation with NakdBasics' Spring Foraging and Wellness Workshop!


Delve into the ancient art of foraging alongside Charlee, the passionate owner of NakdBasics, as she guides you through an immersive outdoor classroom experience. Wander the trails, absorbing knowledge about local wild edible plants and ethical harvesting practices while basking in the rejuvenating embrace of nature amongst the stunning landscapes of Bubble Grove.


Foraging is an ancient skill which is becoming increasingly popular as a way to incorporate more fresh sustainable food/medicine/skin care into our lives and reconnect with nature at the same time. 


You will spend the day out exploring the trails, learning and connecting with the natural world on a deeper level and then return to the beautiful geodesic dome set up at Sky Camp to craft our herbal preparations and enjoy some personal wellness time in the wood fired cedar sauna.


Leave with not only newfound knowledge and skills but also a sense of peace and relaxation.


What you will take-away:


     *  Knowledge of local wild edible plants, identification,

and proper ethical harvesting practices

     *  Learn herbal preparation techniques and crafting

     *  Your personal foraging basket tray to continue your journey

long after the workshop concludes

     *  A handmade botanical bookmark made by you

     *  Relaxation & Reconnection

 Throughout the day, engage in hands-on crafting and herbal preparation techniques, create your own botanical bookmark, unwind and melt away stress in our cedar sauna, journal amidst the serene woods, and gather around the outdoor fire for moments of contemplation and connection.Come join us  day to connect, find peace, learn and submerge in total relaxation.

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