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Rhythmic Roots Farm

Rhythmic Roots Farm is the home of Bubble Grove and our 86 acre regenerative property perched on the north face of the Big Head Valley in Chatsworth, Ontario.

We grow certified organic apples and pears in our 10 acres of orchards along with wild grown edibles and medicinals found throughout the fields and forests here. 
 This farm has been growing apples organically and hosting guests for 40 years and we are proud to carry on this tradition of food and friendship as we build a new future here. 

A feast for the eyes, your tastebuds, and your soul - this land of Rhythmic Roots Farm is bountiful and abundant.

Apple blossoms 2

Spring Has Sprung
Our Plant Sale is
Live Tonight May 6th!

Perennial flowers and foods like strawberry starts and grape vines, as well as wild grown trees,

shrubs and cuttings.

Click below for our plant menu and order form.

Payments are by etransfer to


Your plants are collected to order and orders are ready to pick up at the farm in 1 - 2 days 

(you will receive a confirmation email with available pick up times when your order is ready)


Plant Sale

Apple blossoms 2

The Orchards

Our orchards have been tended organically for over 20 years. We grow 12 varieties of apples and 3 varieties of pears.


We are focused on sustainable practices for now and the generations that follow.

We have around 2500 trees. Thats a lot of apples.

Our apples go into local ciders and sauces and can be found for sale at a few of our local general stores and here at the farm when in season.



The Vineyard

At the top of the Escarpment, on the highest point of the property, sits the vineyard.
Over the years it has produced grapes for a local winery and been made into juices and vinegars. 

The views from up here are truly something to behold. You can see across the Big Head Valley in all its glory. In every season, it is stunning.


close up of meadow flowers

Wild Goods

A wide assortment of wild goodies grow freely here at the farm. These gifts from the woods find their way into teas and salves and other such things.

Spruce tips, rosehips, cedar, wild growing mint, ramps, raspberries, black berries, hawthorn, cress, and fiddleheads are just a few of the forest finds we forage here.

We follow sustainable harvesting methods and ask that guests leave the collecting to us - please order and purchase directly from the farm and help us maintain a healthy balance here.

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